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"The Abbey Theatre regularly uses Black Powder Monkeys (and in particular Se Purcell) to consult on our pyrotechnic needs.
The service we get from Black Powder Monkeys is excellent. Using their extensive knowledge of the legalities and idiosyncrasies of the Irish pyrotechnic industry and associated legislation, Black Powder Monkeys have been able to expedite and deliver on a wide range of effects required for our shows in various challenging parameters.
Their professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail are beyond reproach.
This, along with their excellent people skills and flexibility makes them an excellent choice for our purposes."

Des Kenny, Production Manager, The Abbey Theatre

"Se Purcell and his team at Black Powder Monkeys are always my first choice when it comes to fireworks, pyrotechnics and special effects.  Se is always willing to get involved in the creative planning and understands the need to integrate his elements into the overall show and the importance of impeccable timing.  Se is meticulous when it comes to safety and will always find the time to brief performers and crew until he is satisfied that they are fully competent and comfortable with the effects.   In summary BPM provides a creative spark, expertly delivered with the utmost respect for safety – a dream to work with!"

Lucy Grant, Sulu Management Ltd


“Sé and his team at Black Powder Monkeys have provided the fireworks display for the Virginia Pumpkin Festival on the Sunday of the October bank holiday weekend for the past 6 years. No two shows were the same as Sé has continuously improved and varied the show in  both location and tempo with the crowd, 5,000 + people last year 2013, leaving really entertained and excited and looking forward to next year. I highly recommend Black Powder Monkeys for their innovation and professionalism”  

John Wilson Virginia Pumpkin Festival Pumpkin Festival Organising Committee