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Special FX


We specialise in the use of close proximity pyrotechnics for concerts, sporting events and theatre. Pyrotechnics are recommended for use indoors, in proximity to buildings, audiences and artists and in many other situations where fireworks would not be suitable. In conjunction with the AIST we provide training for stage technicians who occasionally have the need to fire theatrical pyrotechnics. We also provide local licence facilities for touring pyro companies. Recently, we have provided pyrotechnics for the The Walworth Farce at the Olympia Theatre, The Gaiety Theatre Pantomime and The 3 Countdown Concert as part of New Year's Eve Dublin 2014/15.


Black Powder Monkeys have several types of flame units available suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Our dmx controlled flames can produce chases or five fingered effects, and different colour flame options are available. We also have a number of static gas flambeau which are great for outdoor product launches or  as a set piece outside venues.

We design and build bespoke gas special effects for stage and theatre productions. Recent commissions have included the creation of a simulated turf fire producing smoke and flames for Sive, and a flaming furnace for Drumbelly, both at  the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. We have also created a barbecue which bursts into flames for Druid in Galway.


Your logo, message or design in flames.

Streamers / Confetti

Our custom designed streamer firing system can fire up to 100 streamer or confetti cannons simultaneously. This system was designed to fill Croke Park with curtains of gold streamers cascading from the roof for the All Ireland Football and Hurling finals. Smaller versions of the system have been widely used for corporate awards ceremonies and other sporting events.

We have also used our streamer firing system to provide instant decoration of large Christmas trees at Christmas lighting ceremonies. Our confetti blowers use CO2 to propel up to 20kg/min of confetti to a height of 60ft - ideal for filling a venue or street with instant atmosphere .We can provide confetti in all shapes, sizes and colours including metallic and biodegradable versions.

Powder Paint

Plumes of coloured non toxic powder paint fired 25ft in the air! We developed this effect for The Street Performance World Championships in Merrion Square, Dublin and it has been proving popular with colour run events throughout Ireland.

Cryo Efffects

CO2 jets fire a column of white gas 6m into the air, adding that something extra in venues where pyro isn’t possible. 

Low smoke generator-a thick blanket of low smoke simulating a dry ice effect. DMX control makes it more controllable and user friendly than conventional dry ice.